Mothers of the Land

Introducing a new era of 70‘s inspired Rock, instrumental group Mothers of the Land delivers heavy twin guitars mounted on a protometal body, rejuvenated by numerous influences reaching from NWOBHM to Stoner Rock. Mothers of the Land is a rock group founded in Vienna 2012, by Georg Pluschkowitz (Pastor) on guitar, Johannes 'Jon' Zeininger on bass and Jakob Haug on the drums. After having tried different formations, they found their ideal constellation in 2015 with Jack Jindra (Locracy) on the additional guitar. Having played dozens of concerts with international headliners like Asteroid, Elder and The Skull, the band provides powerful performances that lure in the audiences deeply through the surreal worlds they create. Released in June 2016, their live recorded DIY Debut-Album ‚Temple without Walls‘ gained a great international reception from listeners, artists and bloggers, resulting in fruitful collaborations around the globe.
Josh Gillan
Josh Gillan5 months ago
You guys kicked ass last night at Arena. Really enjoyed watching you guys play!
Mothers of the Land
Mothers of the Land5 months ago
So, die Ressourcen für 2018 sind verbraucht, also hauen wir die nächsten Tage noch raus was geht und dann ist Konzertpause.
Heute ARENA Bierwoche 2018 mit PROTOTYPER und uns. Und Bier. Freier Eintritt!

Montag dann mit den großartigen Ruby the Hatchet im Kramladen bei Ruby The Hatchet ◆ Mothers Of The Land ◆ Half Baked Cheese.

Nächstes Wochenende noch Sauzipf ROCKS 2018 und dann verziehen wir uns in den Proberaum für den Rest des Jahres.

Vermutlich halt.
Joseph Gillis
Joseph Gillis6 months ago
Listening to your guys LP that you freely gave me. I absolutely love it! #brutal
Mothers of the Land
Mothers of the Land6 months ago
As some people had a major disadvantage in grabbing our download codes due to different time zones,we're giving you some more! Enjoy and thanks for your support!
Mothers of the Land
Mothers of the Land6 months ago
As our LP "Temple without walls" was released about 2 years ago, we want to celebrate it by giving you guys some free download codes!
Please comment the code you used, so there are no complications. Enjoy!
Next gig is at Stick & Stone Fest 2018
Mothers of the Land
Mothers of the Land added 6 new photos.6 months ago
Some might remember the gig we organised last week with the incredible SACRI MONTI and our friends RYTE. Since it's the first time we organised a show like that, we want to thank everybody for this awesome night!
It was a blast!
And for those who can't remember, some pics:
(C)Leo Pluschkowitz (sadly no Ryte pics:()